Dear Beautiful Human,

I’m thrilled that you’ve come here to check out Golden Days Photobooth and learn more about us!

My name is Sarah Beaver, I live in Southwest Atlanta with my partner, Joey, our daughter, Fay, and our rescued pups, Humphrey and Fredrick.
Joey and I have been creating together for about nine years now. Summer of 2018, after our greatest creation yet, Faylee Brave, came into this world- we decided to embark on this business venture!

We do not believe a photo booth needs to be a random afterthought at an event. We truly feel that it is a space where people can come together, get close, be silly, and walk away with a memory. These days most of our frozen memories are hidden in folders on our phones, computers, or social media. Huddling around a screen to see an old photo just isn’t the same as passing one around a room. Walking away from a photo booth with this small collage that you can stick to a bedroom mirror, car sun-visor, or refrigerator can be just as special as it was when the photo booth first made it’s appearance on the streets of New York City in 1925.

More about Sarah-
I love people, laughing, cooking, yoga, and the event world. I fell in love with events slowly, and then all at once. Fall of 2013 I had the privilege of helping my best friend’s boyfriend plan a big proposal at the Chicago marathon followed by a surprise engagement party. I have loved event planning ever since! There is something so magical about joining a big group of people together with one purpose. Whether it’s celebrating a holiday, a family, a couple’s commitment, a trip around the sun, what have you. It’s beautiful and it makes my heart warm. I love meeting new people and finding out how I can make their event more lovely, enjoyable, and even relaxing!

More about Joey-
Joey loves his family, craft beer, camping, horror movies, and playing his bass. By day he is an Audio Visual Technician at Onepath, by night he is a great dad, and a creator of so many beautiful things. Until he got his hands on this trailer, my favorite thing he has ever built were the speakers we have in our living room. He built them, from scratch, for my 25th birthday and sometimes I’m STILL in disbelief when I look at them! I’m so glad that he not only enjoys building beautiful things, but he’s very good at it! He had never done a full trailer renovation but now he’s a pro. I’m so proud of the work that he’s done on this beautiful photo booth. Once you see it, you will be, too!

More about Faylee-
Our little Fay turned one in May. She is sweet, spunky and hilarious. She has been our motivation behind taking big risks and jumping into the event industry with something unique and handcrafted. She’s known to make appearances at family friendly events!

We look forward to meeting you and yours,